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Written by Tim Burgess and Peter Gordon
The list of who Peter Gordon and Tim Burgess have worked with makes for some impressive reading. Tim's includes The Chemical Brothers, Kurt Wagner and R Stevie Moore while Peter's roll call contains the names of Laurie Anderson, Arthur Russell and David Johansen. Count in their 'day jobs' of The Charlatans and Love of Life Orchestra and a collaboration between seems like it might just ticks every box.

They enlisted some help in the shape of legendary percussionist Mustafa Ahmed and Factory Floor's Nik Colk Void and they drafted in harps, cellos and saxophones. A collaboration where the results bring out the best in everyone involved. The glacial build of Like I Already Do and the wistful beauty of Tracks of My Past, a classic record store day release in that it's an intriguing partnership on paper with the resulting songs seemingly managing to go beyond expectations


Tracks Of My Past / Like I Already Do

Tim Burgess
05 August 2015