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Listen to the new remix by Perera Elsewhere:

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"On this exclusive remix, the original song's spaciousness is filled out and manipulated by Berlin-based DJ and producer Perera Elsewhere, whose almost trip-hop inspired production gives the song a vaporous, shape-shifting quality." – The Guardian

Disruption and interference aren’t words you ordinarily associate with pop or dance music, but Planningtorock is on a mission to unseat all norms. On her new album All Love’s Legal, she leaves you in no doubt as to the seriousness of her vision of transnational gender equality. Surprisingly, given that Western dance music is born out of black, queer music, it rarely touches upon these themes, but All Love’s Legal is a refreshingly direct statement of political intent.

‘Human Drama’ is the first single to released from the new album, All Love’s Legal, companied by remixes from Paula Temple and Perera Elsewhere.

All Love’s Legal is released 10th February on Human Level Recordings. 

Been burning up inside day to today

Trying to find the words to explain my sexuality
It's liquid, it's living, a moving love defined by itself
There's no rules, no convention
This love can go where ever it wants

Gimme a human drama
And understand that gender's just a game
Gimme a human drama
All sexuality is not the same
Gimme a human drama 
The personal is so political 
Gimme a human drama
Again, again

Gimme a human drama
We break a box to find a hundred more
Gimme a human drama
There's lots to learn but so much more to unlearn
Gimme a human drama 
The personal is so political 
Gimme a human drama
It kinda feels like genders just a lie
Genders just a lie 

‘Human Drama’
‘Human Drama’ – Paula Temple remix
‘Human Drama’ - Perera Elsewhere remix

Upcoming performance at The Brighton Dome December 12, 2013
Brighton, UK 





Human Level:

Planningtorock “Human Drama” released 9th December on Human Level Recordings.

03 December 2013