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Perera Elsewhere returns in 2017 with ‘All Of This’, her second album for Friends of Friends Music.

Building off the sultry electronic art-pop blueprint of her acclaimed 2013 debut 'Everlast', 'All Of This' is the next compelling chapter in Perera Elsewhere’s sonically adventurous progression.

Today sees the digital release of ‘Something's Up’, the album’s lead single (listen here). Addressing increasing distrust and confusion towards our political/economic systems, this smoky first cut delivers a warning to open our eyes. Striking a sweet spot between eerie ambience and pop intention, the single's immersive slow groove slithers alongside Perera's soulful lead.

Written and recorded in Berlin, Istanbul, and Mumbai over the course of three years, 'All Of This' expands on the downtempo rhythms and ornate organic/electronic instrumentation focusing on folding hypnotic, moody atmospheres into compelling song-craft traversing trip-hop, avant R&B, and experimental folk. A quiet tension haunts throughout the record's instinctual arrangements and movements. Touching upon many timely societal anxieties like wealth inequality, the rise of parallel worlds, social echo chambers, gated communities of the mind  ("The Other Side"), ego/self-obsession ("Happened"), the constant noise of being continuously targeted by marketing ("Weary") and dealing with all of these new pressures ("All Of This") - this is record that approaches such weighty issues in a manner that feels deeply personal.

Counter-balanced with moments of optimism, escapism and hope ("Tomorrow South" and "Runaway" ) the album also touches upon themes like nature, collectivity and community as a safe-haven.  Using a hybrid of digital techniques, analog equipment (Buchla, Korg MS20, Poly6, Monotron Delay) and treated acoustic instruments (trumpet/percussion), Perera Elsewhere arrives at an original sound spotlighting a soulful human element cross-pollinating with technology resulting in compelling electronic exploration. 'All Of This' is raw yet sophisticated expression of an artist trying to make sense of these trying times.


A fixture between many disparate music scenes as an experienced yet self-taught producer, Perera was an original member of Jahcoozi (B-Pitch Control). She has participated in various collaborative cultural music projects in far-flung parts of the world with the Goethe Institut and has taught people in Bangladesh how to use Ableton to try and create the kind of musical world they'd like to see focusing on issues of anthropology, feminism, community, DIY and empowerment through music.


“All Of This’ Album Artwork


1.Something’s Up

 2.The Other Side


 4.Tomorrow South


 6.Big Heart

 7.Girl From Monotronica

 8.All Of This





Formats: Vinyl + Digital

 Cat Number: FOF161 (digital) ; FOF161LP (vinyl)

 Distribution: !K7 in Europe only, Redeye in US + rest of world

 ‘All Of This’ album release, 2nd June 2016 via Friends of Friends Music.


‘Something’s up’ digital single release to-buy link:


International Live Dates in March and April 2017

17 Mar - Berlin Beats SXSW showcase – Austin, US

22 Mar - Low End Theory @Airliner – Los Angeles, US

23 Mar - Friends of Friends @Ace Hotel – Los Angeles, US

24 Mar - Friends of Friends Weekender @Ace Hotel – Palm Springs, US

21 Apr - Übel und Gefährlich – Hamburg, DE (with Gonjasufi)

22 Apr - Schirn Kunsthalle – Frankfurt, DE

23 Apr - Feuerwerk – Munich, DE (with Gonjasufi)

26 Apr - La Gaviere – Geneva, CH (with Gonjasufi)

27 Apr - Rote Fabrik – Zurich, CH (with Gonjasufi)

28 Apr - Dampfzentrale – Bern, CH (with Gonjasufi)


Praise for Perera Elsewhere


"The music of Perera Elsewhere sounds like it was picked up from outer space, like a strange, haunting frequency drifting through the ether from god-knows-where. So it makes sense that the Berlin-based DJ and ambient trip-hop artist brings an otherworldly vibe to life...”

- Robin Hilton, NPR


"The kind of breathy, sighing tone that complements trip-hoppy electronic music—the kind you'd expect to hear in the background at a public place. But laid naked on Everlast, the effect is beguiling and spooky."

- Andrew Ryce, Pitchfork 7.9


“...where even the most earnest moments, like the baroque "Light Bulb" or the self-consciously trippy "Bongoloid", become captivating thanks to her unforgettable voice and cultivated ethereality.”

- Andrew Ryce, Pitchfork

“...subtly experimental nightmares and unsettlingly skewed perspectives
- Guy Frowny, Tiny Mixtapes 4/5

Previous Press

- Original member of Jahcoozi, features on Modeselektor record (FIFA soundtrack)

- Does a lot of work that ties in anthropology with music and feminism: visits countries in the middle east and teaches young women how to make music in Ableton

- Salt + Sass interview - works heavily with the Goethe-Institut

- Pitchfork, Tiny Mix Tapes reviews of Everlast

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Perera Elsewhere announces new album “All Of This” due 2nd June 2017 via Friends of Friends Music, Lead single, “Something’s Up” released 22nd February

Perera Elsewhere
25 February 2017