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"Dusky love songs and off kilter pop jams" Dummy

"Oleka make smart and sparse songs….[with] unorthodox charm" Neu / DIY

“Rich, harmonised infectious vocal melodies….music that is both catchy and subtle, danceable and subdued” Tribe

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Oleka are a four piece band from South London, together they make dark modern pop, firmly rooted in the city. Their new single "Just Not Here” is released on 24th February 2017 on their own Drift City label. Taking inspiration from progressive pop acts as diverse as Drake to Arthur Russell and everything in between, their music is characterized by honest, conversational lyrics, moody textures, and kaleidoscopic production that nods to classic house, gospel and dancehall styles.

Oleka create music you can lose yourself in. “Just Not Here" is about the highs and deep lows living the city can bring and the effect it has on relationships; not just with other people, but also home itself - how being low can make the city feel distant and unwelcome. The song’s change in direction mid way through suggests a new mood, something more hopeful or the primal, visceral relief that only moving to music in a dark room, with a few hundred other people can provide.

The accompanying “Just Not Here” (Give Me Time Retouch) is an emotive in-house job, ready for the dance floor. It works with tiny samples from the single and teases out an edit that reaches for the same heartstrings that Caribou's 'Can't Do Without You' swings on.

Oleka run their own live shows called Drift City, which has hosted other South London bands like Miles from Kinshasa and Zoee at The Nines and Rye Wax. Drift City #3 will coincide with Oleka’s release party with date coming soon in early March.

Format: 2 track digital download

Distribution: AWAL

Oleka are

Sam Howard - Vocals, keys

Joe Munday - Vocals, keys, guitar, electronics

Ian Jenkins - Drums

Patrick Ghirardello - Bass

Oleka release "Just Not Here” is released on 24th February 2017 on Drift City Recordings.

Oleka release new single "Just Not Here", 24th February on Drift City Recordings

24 February 2017