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Format: 1 track digital download
Cat Number: TWEAKS 001
Distribution: PIAS

Tweaks are a two piece comprising Aman Singh and Johnny Drain, together they make enigmatic pop music for the nocturnal hours.

Their first single ‘Sisters’, taken from the forthcoming EP of the same name, is a widescreen alt pop number. ‘Sisters’ recounts a (young woman’s) life of material privilege, institutionalisation and lovelessness. The sweeping drums and synths build, hymn-like, to an other-worldly climax with nods along the way to the 90s trip hop of Portishead and DJ Shadow. It will be accompanied by an exceptional video by the up-and-coming filmmaker, Jake Hopewell.

Most of the time they've been working together, they've been in different cities and even countries (Johnny, a scientist, was living in Copenhagen, while Aman is an architect in London). From Birmingham, they actually met in Bruges, whilst dating a pair of sisters. Both being twins themselves, they acknowledge a strong pull towards the geminal, a dynamic through which they have bonded.

Taking inspiration from luminaries such as Arthur Russell, Prince and Yeasayer, Tweaks’ music is characterized by classic songwriting, spacey production and thickly reverbed drums. They create soundscapes you can lose your head in, taking you on a journey that explores the intimate, shadier sides of life, and that restless space between the external and internal world. 

You may have come across Tweaks in their original incarnation. As complete unknowns, Pin Tweaks uploaded one song, 'Girl On The Wire' (also on this EP), to Soundcloud generating 150,000 plays and a shout out in the NME who remarked on ‘a fittingly menacing intro, the track lurching between dark wall of bass and stalking chimes of a guitar’.

Tweaks release Sisters single is out now on Outset Recordings

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New duo, Tweaks release debut song 'Sisters' on Outset Recordings

09 October 2015