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Listen to "I Gotta Feeling" 

It’s not every day in our industry that a body of music comes along so profound, so powerful and excellent that it borders on perfection.   Well folks, TODAY is one of those incredible days! Three words, MIDNIGHT fucking MAGIC; the impossibly spectacular Brooklyn disco band that delivered hits like “Beam Me Up” and “Drop Me A Line” now stands stronger than ever with a new album of material on Soul Clap Records.  

“Free From Your Spell” is as much a continuation of Midnight Magic’s theatrical modern disco sound as it is a departure into something deeper, and more grown. With a classic Ace Tone drum machine as pace maker, the album twists and turns through moods and tempos. The tracks are all separate but intentional intro’s and outro’s connect the story into a listener’s paradise.  

Leading the charge is the baseline driven, dancefloor filler and first single, “I Got A Feeling". On remix duties we reached out to Brooklyn neighbour Jacques Renault (who put his house music feel into a main mix and dub) as well as Crew Lovers Nick Monaco & David Marston who take things to their Island Life.

Enough praise from Soul Clap, read what the band has to say and let the MUSIC do the real talking:

"For our second LP Free From Your Spell we found ourselves digging deeper into a cosmic realm, searching for different moods through harmony, dub, and texture. Always striving to make the beats and bass lines funky while balancing the elements of a big group of people and preserving space within the music.”

Midnight Magic are:
Tiffany Roth - Vocals
Morgan Wiley - Keyboards
Andrew Raposo - Bass Guitar
Carter Yasutake - Trumpet
Max Goldman - Drums
Jason Disu - Trombone
Nick Roseboro - Trumpet
Andrew Frawley - Percussion
Caito Sanchez - Percussion 

"Free From Your Spell" Track list
1. Walkup (Intro)
2. I Gotta Feeling
3. Malibu Fun
4. Dark Thunder
5. Black Cherry
6. Down Delay
7. Own Me
8. Free From Your Spell
9. Sea of Love
10. Bad Foot
11. Walkup (Outro)

Midnight Magic release their new album "Free From Your Spell"18th November on Soul Clap Records.
Live dates to be announced soon.

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Midnight Magic: New single 'I Gotta Feeling' out now. New album "Free From Your Spell" 18th November on Soul Clap Records

Midnight Magic
18 November 2016