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Listen to a live clip from North Sea Jazz Festival, July 2017


It’s been 9 years since the Matthew Herbert Big Band took the Barbican by storm.  The producer, composer, sonic explorer and world traveller brings the acclaimed big band and choir back with a large scale and emotional response to Brexit.

With nearly 20 musicians and 110 singers on stage, this will be the first UK show of what will be a two year collaborative project right across Europe celebrating artistic and musical collaboration across national borders.


The project began when Theresa May triggered article 50 and finishes with an album in 2019 when Britain leaves the EU. The album will be recorded across every country in Europe with musicians and singers in dialogue with some of Matthew’s band, the end result aiming for more than 1,000 professional and amateur performers having contributed to the recording.  


There will be a number of support acts to be announced in due course but the evening should feel something like something between a mini festival, political rally, a broadway musical, a rave and a farewell party.


Having already performed the show to great acclaim to our European neighbours, this is the debut UK show and fitting to be back at the Barbican, a stage where he has performed some of his best shows. Amongst new material, they will also play material from Herbert’s back catalogue.


As a DJ and producer in the late-90s, Herbert sampled organic sounds generated by everyday objects into dance remixes and original tracks. He’s taken that spirit with him in his two big band projects, bringing together leading Jazz artists and creating music responsive to the political landscape. This time it takes as its inspiration the biggest political challenge Britain has faced for many years. Also, for those who like to know the finer points of European political law, he has set Article 50 to music.


"The project should aim to live its beliefs: that collaboration across borders can not only be the most fruitful and rewarding way to create, but essential to living an engaged and tolerant life." Matthew Herbert

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The Matthew Herbert Brexit Big Band - Plays Barbican Hall on 23rd October 2017

The Matthew Herbert (Brexit) Big Band
11 October 2017