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Digital release 25th May '15
Vinyl release 11th May '15
On WAA Industry / Future Classic 

Whilst Kenton Slash Demon’s discography has been relatively scant in the recent past, the quality of their production has always shone brightly, a kaleidoscope of moods and styles underpinned by distinctive organic and futuristic sounds.

The ‘Skydancer’ EP is Kenton Slash Demon’s first outing in three years and arrives in pristine form on the newly founded Copenhagen based label WAA Industry.  WAA Industry is an audiovisual label collective run by Kenton Slash Demon as musical curators in partnership with their long time visual collaborator, The Emperor Of Antarctica.

‘Skydancer’ also represents a collaboration with the Australian label, Future Classic (home to Flume, Chet Faker and Charles Murdoch), who release the EP with WAA industry in an exclusive worldwide license.  

There are no half measures where this Danish duo are concerned; ‘Skydancer’ is a 15 minute monolith structured in two parts. ‘Skydancer I’ captures the brooding propulsive sound of the Berlin underground with its industrial hats and sinister central bass line, whilst ‘Skydancer II’ erupts into a powerhouse of breakbeats and expansive flourishes of dark euphoria.  It’s an evocative record that reflects twin affections for The Berghain and the UK rave scene, filtered through the Kenton Slash Demon lense. 

A1: Skydancer I
A2: Skydancer II

Live Dates
A series of festival dates are announced in Denmark over the coming months with more European dates to follow. 

2 May - Spot Festival, Århus, Denmark - Live
5 June - Distortion Festival, Copenhagen, Denmark - DJ
6 June - Distortion Festival, Copenhagen, Denmark - Live
18 July - Musik i Lejet Festival, Tisvilde, Denmark -Live
30 July - 1 August - Trailerpark Festival, Copenhagen, Denmark - DJ 

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Kenton Slash Demon return from a three year hiatus with new 'Skydancer' EP

27 April 2015