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EP release on Studio Barnhus

Three impeccable pieces of stripped down, unfeigned tanz trax make out the debut release of Esther Silex – deejay extraordinaire, Colognian woman-about-town and very dear new addition to the Studio Barnhus family. The gargantuan yet free-flowing bassline of Hans, the menacing tension of Heinrich and the dawntime anthem Oskar are all testaments to Esther's unquestionable status as an impassioned powerhouse with enough West German swagger to create timeless music with equal parts simplicity and beauty.

“Dance, dance - otherwise we are lost” the larger than life modern dance choreographer and ballet director Pina Bausch once said. The Cologne based DJ and producer Esther Silex deeply believes in those words of wisdom and took the statement as one of many inspirations behind her debut EP Pachamama, released on Sweden’s finest free spirited electronic music label Studio Barnhus. 

The EP title refers to the old mother earth goddess of the indigenous people of the Andes, an independent deity with the creative power to sustain life on planet earth. For Esther she is a divineness that follows her on each and every step as a female with groove in her heart. 

After a nomadic upbringing all around Europe, Esther started playing records at the tender age of 17 and quickly became an integral part of Cologne's house and techno scene. Her sets are anything but predictable, with an eclectic selection that somehow weaves seamlessly through techno and house to soul, funk, afro and disco. In the spring of 2015, whilst spending lots of time with her Cologne roommate Matt Karmil, learning from his experience and musical wisdom, Esther's debut EP was finished. The three tracks named Hans, Heinrich and Oskar reflect this musical diversity and don not adhere to any formula, whilst remaining entirely and explosively dance floor friendly. 

12'' / digital / 42600383 1046 5 BARN 034
Release : 11.12.2015 (12'' & digital)

A. Hans
B1. Heinrich 
B2. Oskar

Esther Silex: New signing to Studio Barnhus 'Pachamama' EP release

Esther Silex
05 January 2016