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Club To Club

Resident Advisor's #1 Festival

in November and December  


'A cornerstone of electronic music in Italy....Many of electronic music's best  and brightest will play the festival's 16th edition'  

'Beyond the music, Club To Club offers a unique glimpse of Turin itself, with performances in former Fiat factories as well as Reggia Di Venaria, a 17th-century royal palace'

Resident Advisor


#IAMC2C  Club To Club 2016 line-up:

Autechre, Daphni, Jon Hopkins, Swans, Dj Shadow, Arca & Jesse Kanda,
Junun featuring Shye Ben Tzur, Johnny Greenwood & The Rajasthan Express,  Laurent Garnier, Arto Lindsay, Motor City Drum Ensemble, Tim Hecker, Andy Stott, Chino Amobi, Clams Casino, Elysia Crampton, Anna Von Hausswolff,

Jessy Lanza, Jollu Mare, Ghali, Amnesia Scanner, GAIKA, Evian Christ, One Circle, Toxe, Fatima Yamaha, Forest Swords, Lafawndah, Gqom Oh: Nan Kolè / Dj Lag, Janus: M.E.S.H. / Total Freedom / Kablam, Jessy Lanza, Junior Boys, Koreless, Mura Masa, Powell, Piotr Kurek,  Populous, Toxe and XL Djs


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With just under a month to go, Club To Club is announced as Resident Advisor’s #1 festival in their Top 10 November / December 2016 Festivals Round Up. Read the full article here

Club To Club takes place in Turin, from 2nd to 6th November 2016, during Contemporary Art Week, in unique and stunning venues across Italy's most elegant and regal city.

After the resounding success of the fifteenth anniversary edition, and thanks to an extraordinary performance by Thom Yorke, Club To Club, the premier Italian Festival in avant-garde and new pop, returns in 2016 with its most radical line up  to date.

Wednesday 2nd November

Reggia di Venaria

w/ Unsound Festival

Chino Amobi (US) Italian Debut Exclusive show

Elysia Crampton (BO/US) Italian Debut Exclusive show

Piotr Kurek (PL)

Thursday 3rd November

Lingotto Fiere - Sala Gialla [Resident Advisor Stage]

Arca (VE) Dj & Jesse Kanda (UK) visuals Italian Debut Exclusive show

Tim Hecker (CA)

Forest Swords (UK) Italian Exclusive show

Conservatorio Giuseppe Verdi

Arto Lindsay (US)

Friday 4th November

Lingotto Fiere - Padiglione 1

Autechre (UK) Italian Exclusive show

Laurent Garnier (FR)

Mura Masa (UK) Italian Exclusive show

Swans (US)

Andy Stott (UK)

Powell (UK) live

Anna Von Hausswolff (SE)

Lingotto Fiere - Sala Gialla [RBMA Stage]

Amnesia Scanner (AS) Italian Debut Exclusive show

Evian Christ (UK) Italian Exclusive show

Fatima Yamaha (NL) Italian Debut Exclusive show

GAIKA (UK) Italian Debut Exclusive show

Gqom Oh! Nan Kolè (IT) Dj Lag(ZA) Italian Debut Showcase

Koreless (UK) Italian Exclusive show

One Circle (IT)

Toxe (SE) Italian Debut Exclusive show

Saturday 5th November

Lingotto Fiere - Padiglione 1

Dj Shadow (US) Endtroducing..... 20th Anniversary / Italian Exclusive show

Jon Hopkins (UK) dj

Junun feat. Shye Ben Tzur, Jonny Greenwood & The Rajasthan Express (INT) Italian debut

Motor City Drum Ensemble (DE)

Clams Casino (US) Italian Debut Exclusive show

Ghali (IT)

Lingotto Fiere - Sala Gialla [RBMA Stage]

Daphni (CA) Italian Exclusive show

Janus: M.E.S.H. (US) / Total Freedom (US) / Kablam (SE) Italian Debut Showcase

Jessy Lanza (CA)

Jolly Mare (IT)

Junior Boys (CA)

Lafawndah (FR) Italian Debut Exclusive show

Sunday 6th November

San Salvario - various venues (main stage Piazza Madama Cristina)

Dance Salvario

Warp To Warp

San Salvario Emporium

from Thursday 3rd to Saturday 5th November

Hotel Ac Marriott Lingotto ABSOLUT SYMPOSIUM

Populous (IT)

For the sixteenth edition, Club To Club renews its collaboration with main partner Absolut, the iconic Swedish vodka brand whose eclectic spirit continues to invigorate the programme at festival HQ Absolut Symposium and beyond.

Furthermore, 2016 sees the renewed partnership with global music institution Red Bull Music Academy, which will present a stage of Italian Exclusives, featuring the likes of Daphni, Amnesia Scanner, Evian Christ, Fatima Yamaha, Gaika, Nan Kolè and Dj Lag (Gqom Oh!), M.E.S.H., Total Freedom and Kablam (Janus), Jessy Lanza, Junior Boys, Koreless, Lafawndah and Toxe.

#IAMC2C is the 2016 campaign by studio Bellissimo / Luca Ballarini, who has taken care of the festival's campaigns since its very inception. For this year's edition, Bellissimo collaborated with guest designer Ian Anderson of The Designers Republic, who designed iconic artworks for Warp Records artists including Aphex Twin and Autechre.

The festival  follows the success of the preview  event dedicated to new Italian musical creativity: The Italian New Wave First Annual Summit which profiled some of the country's finest contemporary artists in the evocative Reggia di Venaria earlier this summer, in July.

Great visionary artists at #IAMC2C

Among the first names confirmed for the 16th edition of Club To Club was Californian DJ Shadow, who will play the Italian exclusive, tracks from his new album 'The Mountain Will Fall' in addition to classics from the milestone album 'Endtroducing.....', universally acclaimed as one of the most important records of the past 50 years, and for which 2016 marks its 20th anniversary.

Tim Hecker brings the majestic and experimental soundscapes of his recent masterpiece 'Love Streams', while legendary Warp duo, Autechre will expand minds with their unique abstractions and fascinating complexity.

Club To Club is pleased to welcome back Laurent Garnier, always a champion in interpreting the most innovative and inspired electronic music, both as a producer and DJ. He will be joined by the German DJ, Motor City Drum Ensemble, a first class name in quality house music, and the ever popular Daphni, the side project of Dan Snaith aka Caribou.

If the intensity of Jon Hopkins will be conveyed in the form of a DJ set, it will be through a live set that we will experience the extreme, dissonant and hypnotic rock of Michael Gira's Swans, playing tracks from 'The Glowing Man' - the last album of this current incarnation.

The future is here

After his incredible Club To Club set in 2015, Mancunian artist Andy Stott returns on the heels of his latest dazzling and charming album 'Too Many Voices'. Hailing from Wales, Koreless is another musician in constant evolution: his refined and emotive sounds being used in collaborations with art based projects and soundtracks.

By skillfully integrating r&b, pop, house, bass music, garage and trap, 20-year-old Masa Mura is among the names destined to hit the big time not only on the British scene but internationally, thanks to a highly anticipated album coming in the autumn. Hip hop is the starting point for both the dreamlike experiments of English musician Forest Swords and the psychedelic and emotive work of US producer Clams Casino, whose debut album '32 Levels' drops this summer. Widely regarded as one of the top sound architects - also thanks to his collaboration with Kanye West, Evian Christ is the bearer of a personal vision in the interpretation of contemporary rhythms, while GAIKA is among the most exciting new British talents to combine grime, dancehall and gothic aesthetics.

The sound of Berlin duo Amnesia Scanner, recently signed by the Young Turks label, is as brutal as it is futuristic. Berlin is home also for the Janus collective, which will present a showcase featuring the irreverent M.E.S.H., the emerging Kablam and the unpredictable Total Freedom. And then Toxe, the formidable 18-year-old dj/producer from Gothenburg who's spearheading the Staycore crew.

From the roots to the present

Fresh from releasing their fifth studio album, 'Big Black Coat', Junior Boys will present a masterclass in combining elements of electro, soul and pop. Fellow Hamilton (Ontario, Canada) native, Jessy Lanza will also spread the infectious energy of her recent album 'Oh No' which references Yellow Magic Orchestra.

The style of Fatima Yamaha could be defined as "old school", a fascinating cult project conceived by Amsterdam dj/producer Bas Bron. And the unconventional sound of Powell, inspired by the angularities of post-punk and the most visionary 80s and 90s electronic music will make a return to Club To Club.

New sonic frontiers at different latitudes

Half-Bolivian, Virginia-based musician Elysia Crampton won over critics with her debut album 'American Drift', which gave a futuristic vision an unusual spiritual dimension. Among the guests of her latest album 'Demon City' is Chino Amobi, a Virginia producer who puts r&b, electronics, abstract hip hop and noise in the blender.

Of Egyptian and Iranian origins, Lafawndah has honed her own "club ritual music", thus winning the attention of Warp who recently signed her.

Gqom will be making an entrance - the musical trend from the suburbs of Durban (South Africa) at the crossroads of UK funky, kwaito, hip hop, and traditional African rhythms actively supported by Roman dj Nan Kolè, author of the compilation 'Sound Of Durban' and founder of the Gqom Oh! label. The showcase dedicated to Gqom Oh! will also feature DJ Lag from South Africa.

Also performing at Club To Club is Ghali, an Italian rapper of Tunisian origins and one of the most exciting newcomers in the local hip hop underground scene.

Special projects and preview

Club To Club are thrilled to announce the festival's first special projects: on Sunday 6th November this year's block party called Warp To Warp and curated in partnership with Warp Records, will take place in one of the most famous Food Markets in Turin's creative district of San Salvario in collaboration with San Salvario Emporium.

Friday 4th and Saturday 5th will see return of the Red Bull Music Academy Stage, recreating the atmosphere of a perfect club in one of the converted space of former FIAT factories at Lingotto; the line up and showcases at the RBMA stage is the obvious choice for catching the best in new musical trends.

Opening the festival, there will be a new gala event on Wednesday 2nd November presented in partnership with Unsound in the prestigious location of Palace of Venaria.

The programme will also include the return of Absolut Symposium from Thursday 3rd to Saturday 5th at AC Hotel, which will be transformed in the festival's professional area with 72 hours of non-stop programming.

Tickets and ticket + hotel packages

- PASSPORT (2-6 november) / limited avaiability

Grants access to all shows announced so far; priority access to Symposium included (Daytime HQ). More than 50% already sold, buy yours now:

- EARLY BIRD GOLDEN PASS (4-5 november) / limited availability

Grants access to the following shows:

Autechre / Daphni / Dj Shadow / Jon Hopkins / Laurent Garnier / Motor City Drum Ensemble / Swans / Amnesia Scanner / Andy Stott / Clams Casino / Evian Christ / Fatima Yamaha / Forest Swords / Gaika / Ghali / Gqom Oh!: Nan Kolè, Dj Lag / Janus: M.E.S.H., Total Freedom, Kablam / Jessy Lanza / Junior Boys / Koreless / Lafawndah / Mura Masa / Powell / Toxe / XL Djs


Praise for Club To Club

With bookings as uncompromisingly radical as Club To Club's, the futurists' pioneering spirit lives on and continues to propel electronic music far from the museum-mausoleum vibe of retro-fest culture and into a bright, uncertain future – DAZED & CONFUSED

Every November Turin hosts Club To Club, music festival that has entwined itself with the city's art week to create forward-thinking lineups for electronic music fans – MONOCLE

A theatre of extremities. The contrast is a joy – THE QUIETUS


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Club To Club is a project by Xplosiva

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Club To Club

02 November 2016