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BIRTHRIGHTS is the newly formed music duo of CJ Mirra and Kirk Spencer. Their first release, appropriately entitled “Rebirth” is a coming together of their two worlds to create a mesmeric, bass-heavy and soulful first track.


“Rebirth” is accompanied by a video, also produced by the band. Fly around their virtual world and explore the dream-like visuals set in their isolated virtual lagoon. Large sci-fi monoliths display a selection of the band’s intriguing good news film-vignettes, inspired by uplifting stories, ranging from advances in solar energy to a deaf baby hearing its mother’s voice for the first time:


Clash Magazine premiered the video in tandem with its digital release, and a very exclusive run of just 10 white label Dubplates.


“At its heart, our idea is about understanding the power of art” the band explains, “Rather than using music as a way of selling a pair of jeans or a lifestyle, is it possible to use its emotional pull to sell ‘good news’ in a similarly persuasive way?"


CJ Mirra’s collaborative path with Kirk Spencer began when they met in Nottingham where Kirk shared a living space with a collective of artists and writers including Late of the Pier.  "Rebirth” is the duo’s first track from a three part EP entitled “1” to be released in March 2017 on the burgeoning One Two Many label.


“1” EP Track-List

1. Rebirth

2. Onetime

3. Everyone


About One Two Many

One Two Many is a record label and publishing company that has developed Bad Sounds, SOULS, Trevor Sensor and Sam Frankl since it’s inception in 2015. Based on their own slant on pop, they are slowly making the world their own little mixtape.


BIRTHRIGHTS Release debut single “Rebirth” on One Two Many Records, “1” EP is due 29th March 2017

16 February 2017