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The Juan Maclean

Press Releases

The Juan Maclean 'Get Down (With My Love)' 12″ single release 18th February on DFA Records
17 February 2014
Format: Digital Single, Ltd. Ed White Label Vinyl ...
News split single featuring The Juan Maclean on DFA Records out now
19 September 2013
Feel Like Movin’ / We Got A Love The Juan Maclean / Shit...


Juan serves a purpose higher than himself. This is positive force dance music, impeccably produced, and at least for middle-class New York, as we watch ourselves being pushed further and further out of inner city limits, as we watch developers raze the downtown to make room for mile-high condos and banker-types cashing in on unremembered 80s cool, as we struggle with the fact that we maybe got got but we love it here anyway—for us, we need not the cool of electroclash or the macho effeminacy of disco-punk but rather something honest and unconflicted and (yes) transportingly positive. Something to tell us: Keep your head up. Take your mind off things. The future will come soon enough. 

To that end Juan sticks to that one topic lyrical pop music exists for in the first place: love.